Montana Fiddle Camp

June 2-7 / Monarch, MT

GUITAR / Level 3-4:

This class is for those who have some experience singing and accompanying themselves on guitar but would like to get more comfortable backing themselves up and playing steady and confident rhythm while singing and / or playing in a group, whether it’s in a jam session or for some sort of performance. We will work on bass runs to connect chords and fill spaces during songs, and practice playing them while singing. Be able to sing a handful of bluegrass standards while playing rhythm guitar in time. Must know basic chords G, C, Em, D, F and A.

CBA Music Camp

June 9-12 / Grass Valley, CA

Bluegrass Band / Level 2-3:

This is a class about the various roles played by each member in a bluegrass ensemble and learning how to play your role while listening/communicating among your other band members. Bluegrass bands are having a conversation; they are listening and responding, with something meaningful to say. We'll look at the roles of all the instruments including the voice, and arrange songs with solos, back-up, fill and harmonies... just as you might do in an actual band!

Bluegrass Week @ Augusta Heritage Center

July 21-26 / Elkins, WV

Bluegrass Vocals & Harmony Singing (co-teaching with Dede Wyland):

In this fun and informative class we will take a detailed look at bluegrass-style singing and how it has evolved since its inception with Bill Monroe. We will work on basic and essential vocal techniques to improve your singing skills, the stylistic nuances that makes bluegrass singing sound like bluegrass including phrasing, timing and vocal “licks” or ornamentation, basic bluegrass harmony singing, how to find your key, and developing your own style.

Join us for a great week of singing, learning, and fun!